The Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés meet at the southern tip of Baja where El
Arco (The Arch), a rock formation, rises from the sea. The surf on the Pacific side
is quite rough, and the Sea of Cortés is calm, although there can be strong
currents. Before jumping in, be sure you’re at a safe swimmable beach.
Timeshare sales people at the airport can be quite aggressive as you pass, and
drivers will approach offering to take you to your hotel. It’s advisable to arrange
transportation in advance through your hotel or a reliable local  service .
Although the currency is the Mexican peso, U.S. dollars and major credit cards are
accepted almost everywhere. It is possible to obtain pesos at the airport upon
arrival, through ATMs, or at some hotels.
Tipping is customary in Mexico at bars, restaurants, spas, and at hotels for
assistance with bags or other services. It is considerate to leave something for
hotel housekeepers each day. Tour guides should also receive a gratuity. At
restaurants and spas, the typical amount is 10-20%. For others, the equivalent of
what you would leave in the U.S. is appropriate.