About us

Welcome to Los Cabos, the luxury LGBTQ+ destination in Mexico!

Each Gaycabo experience is designed with each of the members of our community, giving our chic touch to make them unique and exciting.
Los Cabo is a place where we can all be ourselves and celebrate the life as one family.

So whoever you are, we want you to
enjoy Los Cabos to the fullest with us!

How Gaycabo was born?

Learn about the story of Paco and René, the founders of Gay Cabo

Know the story 

Paco and René have been engaged for 15 years in the wedding business, a few years ago they did a beautiful wedding for two girls, and a year later they returned to Cabo to celebrate their first anniversary. They invited Paco and René to a brunch, between laughs, mimosas and delicious food suddenly they commented:

“My wife and I were in the hotel pool where, by the way, we decided to get married, and where we decided to invite more than 100 people, where we had an incredible wedding and where we also decided to celebrate our first anniversary!!!

We were talking very relaxed in the pool and on that afternoon that I was planning for more than a month I decided to tell my partner what he wanted adopt or begin to form our family, it was a very special moment for us, she jumped with pleasure and kissed me!!! A little kiss of happiness…

She was as happy as when I proposed to her!!! but all this was frustrated by a hotel employee who looked at us in a dismissive way, despicable and began to speak in a language that I do not speak, his look told me all”

Paco and René were red-faced with shame, they apologized with them and when leaving the restaurant René said to Paco:

“It is not possible for this to happen in Cabo! Such a beautiful and world class place, and let this happen! can’t keep happening!”

This is how they decided to give life to Gaycabo. It began as a social network, the first and only in the destination, but this was not enough. People noticed this social network and decided to participate with us. We know that we still have a long way to go, but we work to make this destination an inclusive place free of discrimination.

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